A Little About Lead Photographer, Akintayo

My journey as a photographer has been epic in so many proportions. I've been  honored time and time again to be given the opportunity to document people's most special moments and to be a part of their journey. Photography is my passion; I live and breath it. I am constantly improving on my skills, from learning how to pose a couple to the best lighting techniques, I leave no stone unturned in trying to ensure I give my clients the very best!  


*I love football, what some of you call soccer which sounds weird. 

*Manchester United fan

*Yes, I still watch WWE and I don't think it's fake (side eye)

*Netflix & Hulu has my heart

*I love going to the movies (esp action and martial art movies)

*Definitely a sweet tooth (chocolate and ice-cream)

*I'm pretty tall. 6'6 actually

*You can sell me with good food (I won't even argue)

*I enjoy flying and traveling.  2 different things

*I love interior decor

*Fav series of all time - 24. Prison Break and Desperate Housewives

*God fearing Christian

*I love planes, I find them very sexy

*I play Play Station when I'm less busy

*I love old school music sooooooooooooo much

*I'm just a happy guy


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