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One fine summer's day (I can hear the snorts of derision yes England does enjoy a spot 😏 indeed a spot of summer) boy mets girl but really only when she lets Jim think that he saw her first and he is making all the moves. 

Typical English boy with sweet lyrics, this Nigerian princess expects and demands to be woo'd blown away and taken to dreamy heights....

"All in good time", our boy Jim says. He wonders "how about I show her just how far and wide my feelings are? "

"...Far as these purple, no lavender fields are"... "I'll show her just how much I would take her breath away. Give her a chance to see what happily ever after would be like if she would take a chance on me." 

Blue skies, lavender fields, green eyes, caramel skin. Nubian queen meets English gent. Dreamy meets Romance.

Does Akanke say yes? A true gentleman never says yet I wager that pictures are truer than a thousand words.

Akanke is the embodiment of elegant, grace and refinement. Like my queen our love is royal so I'll play the jester in the court of lavender fields. This place so close to my place of birth is everything I need her to understand that she to me and all I see our love is...

Our photo shoot is devoted to dreamy loving in the English Summertime setting and dedicated to all those Jims and Akankes out there nurturing a most delicate and precious flower of all... Love 





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