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Oh my, where do I even start. You should see me grinning as I'm typing this.  Dami and Deji are not my clients, they are my niggas.. I went to school with Deji and he's been a goat ever since. Dami on the other hand is such a darling and this gives me so much hope in my future if a goat can land such a wonderful person....lol


I can't take credit for this guys, Dami planned it to the T. She finished my watsapp with images for inspiration, I'd keep waking up to "Hey tayo, I just saw this shot and I like it, can we do something close'?.....lol, she got the outfits and the locations sorted, I just came with my gear and an empty stomach...


Clearly I'm ready to keep typing but I'd stop here. Can't wait to shoot their wedding later this year, and guess who is finally gonna be a Groomsman!!!!!! ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL YEAAAAAAHHHHH




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