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So, I flew to Atlanta a while back for a wedding I'm yet to upload, very soon hopefully, then sized the opportunity to make a quick stop at the ever so busy Big Apple, New-york New-york to meet Tosin and Sumbo and afterwards introduce them to my camera. 

I had my reservations, I wasn't sure how much work I needed to put in to make them warm up to my camera and how long.
Now I must say God must have seen my hard work this year and sent me a couple like them to make it all worth it. Even when it began drizzling, they showed no sign of fatigue and kept smiling through out for the camera. You know  what, you see for yourself....


tristan Quevilly(non-registered)
Again another very nice shooting with a lot of diversity !

An inspiration !
the couple that keep on giving - love them, love your work! Some really beautiful shots #lovelovelove
Bic Mitchum(non-registered)
You know i must talk....
they look so good together
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