April 15, 2016  •  2 Comments

Yes, I know, I have come to apologize for the umpteenth time, I shall endeavor to keep posting often. 

I recently had the opportunity to fly to Zanzibar again as it is gradually becoming my Africa get away from it all location. However this time for work of course. Planned for just 50 guests Ranti & Issac were a joy to work with. Nothing can go wrong with intimate weddings 'cause it's just close friends and family. 
The heat however was blazing so we began proceedings by 6pm but as at 12am we were still turning up, I vividly remember the authority asked the Dj to pack up and he kept playing saying this is the last song. He played the so called last song or last songs for the next 30mins...lol
All In all we had a ball and I'm pleased to be able to share some images with you



@dESIREAYO HAHAHAHAHAHA....Yes.... Absolutely intentional. Of course it didn't make it to their album, just for keeps. It's not something you see everyday. My photography is more a documentary form, I try not to take away or add to what I see. It simply is what it is.......
Akintayo, well-done and keep up the good job. Try and post regularly cos this ya long break get as e be :-). That view u captured the bride with her onlookers(hmmm.. the white ladies in pants...) sure that was intentional :-p)
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