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Long time ago, in the vast distant land of Lagos, there lived a Working class guy walking on  Oyinjolayemi Road answering a few calls and replying a few mails. Along that same path was a working class lady minding her own business and answering a few phone calls as well. As fate would have it, their paths crossed and as much as she would hate to admit it, she noticed him and he noticed her right back.

Customary to popular culture, the guy aka "The chaser" spots his target walk away from him probably never to be seen again. He sums up a few guts left in him and tries to approach the lady. Unfortunately, she would have him blown off as she was supposedly doing something important. "The Chaser" continued chasing "The chasee" till persistence and probably pity encouraged "The Chasee" to let her guard down. He finally got her number and they both lived happily ever after. "inserts Disney theme song".....
Ok, that's a Lie. Both Mowale and Jide had different stories concerning this day., However one thing is constant, it was on Oyinjolayemi road and "The chaser" no matter what obstacles "The chasee" threw his way, definitely has the final laugh....



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