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Complements of the season guys.. December has been one of those months. Festive periods and weddings go like peanut butter and jelly. So much work but hey? Who is complaining?....

Would it be weird if I say I'm a huge Manolo Blahnik fan? Definitely one of my best. I have seen alot trust me, but a day with Manolos is going to be a good day,lol, that is so random.
Anyway I had a swell time as always shooting this beautiful duo. I finally got to meet the bridal train, make more friends, learn some more, my job is point blank an exciting one. Abisola and Adaji effortlessly pulled off 3 outits in a day and were ever willing to take potraits of each outfit, Bliss, simply Bliss, every photographers dream.
I hope you enjoy this as much as I did shooting it. Happy new year in advance ladies and gentlemen, See you on the other side



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