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Jola has been a friend of mine all the way since my 1st year in college even up till graduation. The cool stuff is that we both come from the same place, Owo

I saw her once or twice after school but thank goodness for blackberry messenger, you never really can tell the difference. Few days to her engagement she told me to come around as a photographer for her ceremony, i was excited. Jimi on the other hand a very charismatic dude i met on the engagement day, after his infamous prayer for Jola(for those that were there that day) i could tell this guy and Jola were meant to be. Beautiful couple, beautiful friends, beautiful hall, beautiful everything.

Jola & Jimi 2013 ladies & gentlemen, Enjoy!!!!!


beautiful pictures, the bride is yoruba, from Ondo State Owo town. Ondo state people has weird culture and some of their dialet tend to deviate from the normal yoruba.
O my Ibijola you make such a beautiful bride...Congratulations baby God bless yoi
One thing that was on my mind whole time I was scrolling down the page was 'beautiful people'. I was aawwwing the whole time. Nice one Timi.

Quick question: Is the bride yoruba? Her name sounds yoruba but her traditional ensemble is not.
love the pics, beautiful bride, handsome groom, beautiful people and all in one awesome wedding. Awaiting the white wedding pictures....
Beautiful pple, beautiful day....God bless ur home Jola and Jimi
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